Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers produce audio via Bluetooth frequenices they receive.

A receiver inside the speaker can receive these frequenices from a paired Bluetooth device, interpreting this as an audio signal that is then produced as sound through the speaker.

What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are incredibly useful speakers that come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are capable of producing great sound for easy, on-the-go portable listening wherever you are.

When Were Bluetooth Speakers Discovered?

A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless, portable speaker that has have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their convenience and high sound quality.

Bluetooth technology has been around for close to 3 decades, discovered in 1994 by Dutch Engineer Jaap Haartsen (US Patent No. 6,590,928). While the original application for this technology was largely confined to indoor wireless communication systems, the technology has since been repackaged for a multitude of uses.

Wireless speakers pick up signals through radio frequency (RF) waves, or through Bluetooth technology that allow them to receive, interpret and broadcast sound signals.

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth to receive a frequency that is then transformed into an input signal for the speaker to reproduce.

The technology in most commercial Bluetooth speakers is very easy to use, with the hardest being connecting to the speaker in the first place. However, modern speakers have a pairing functionality that lets you easily connect to a speaker once you’ve connected to it before.

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