How To Reset Samsung Soundbar

Resetting a Samsung soundbar involves resetting the device to its factory settings, which erases all saved settings and data.
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Before we dive right into the technicals, keep in mind that Samsung has made many soundbars, different models, distinctive designs, and some with unrelated settings. They include various functions and features that make them unique. Resetting them shouldn’t be a pain but the steps are generic. You have to press and hold on to some buttons, and then the soundbar will go into reset mode. Once you’re in reset mode, you can navigate to the factory settings and there you have it.

So, what is the problem here? Why do we need to reset a soundbar? There could be major issues like the sound is being projected inward. But, that calls for a different audio specialist, not one article.

Below, we will discuss the reasoning behind resetting your Samsung soundbar and the method involved.

Why Reset a Samsung Soundbar?

There could be several reasons but the main reason is the fact that there are connectivity issues. The system is refusing to connect your TV and device. Remember, soundbars connect via Bluetooth or a WiFi option. This issue can only occur with wireless devices. Try switching the Bluetooth on and off on your soundbar before resetting the entire system. The Bluetooth-enabled devices can also cause an issue, try switching them on and off. Rebooting the Bluetooth system can be the solution before actually resetting your soundbar.

Another reason could be multiple devices. A piece of technological equipment with a Bluetooth function has a limit to the amount of Bluetooth devices it can pair up to. You might have your TV, speakers, and cellphone connected to the soundbar. Once you have an overflow of Bluetooth devices, the equipment can malfunction. To resolve this issue, try to connect your soundbar to a different TV. It could be your TV that’s the problem. Or connect a different device to the soundbar.

Your subwoofer is the third issue that can occur but is a rare issue. The connection between your subwoofer and soundbar could be breaking due to the many devices in the area. These devices on the same frequency as your soundbar could be referred to as obstacles between your soundbar and the desired device. A microwave can be the problem, just move it away from your soundbar. If these quick options don’t resolve your problem, here are some steps you can follow

Steps To Hard Reset Samsung Soundbar

You can use your Samsung remote for this section. Resetting your Samsung soundbar doesn’t involve any additional costs. You don’t need to buy any extra wire, an extra remote, or a subwoofer. The process involves your Samsung remote, your soundbar, and a television. It could be your television or a demo television that you’re going to use when trying to reset the soundbar. Just keep in mind that you’re going to need your TV at the end when pairing your soundbar to your desired devices.

  1. Turn the Soundbar on.
    1. Press and/or hold the power button on the remote control. 
    2. OR press the on button on the soundbar to switch the soundbar on.
  2. Locate the Settings option.
    1. Select Sound, then go to the Speaker Settings to bring you to the sound connecting options, select TV SoundConnect and the option Add New Device, on. 
    2. Option A is used if you haven’t paired your soundbar to the TV and you want to manually switch it on. 
    3. The option SoundConnect is different for the different Samsung models, some are also referred to as SoundShare. 
    4. If the above-mentioned is not precisely on at the Settings option, refer to your user manual for additional information.
    5. Restore your soundbar in the Settings to its factory settings. Any other changes you wish to make should be made in the Settings before you reset your soundbar. 
  3. Reset the soundbar.
    1. Power the soundbar off.
    2. Press and hold the Play/Pause button until a message appears on your soundbar. The message should read INIT OK. 
    3. If your soundbar does not have a display screen, you will see a red blinking LED light that will stop blinking once the reset is done.
    4. If your soundbar does not reset when you press and hold the Play/Pause button, try the volume up and volume down buttons. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down button until the message, INIT OK appears. 
  4. Power on the soundbar.
  5. Try pairing the soundbar to a device.
    1. Try your smartphone or your TV as the Bluetooth device is already a paired option.
    2. If the pairing is successful, your soundbar should be working okay right now. 
    3. If you are resetting your soundbar to its factory settings with a remote, turn on the soundbar, hold the Gear button for more than 10 seconds.
    4. You can disconnect the paired device and connect your soundbar to the desired device of your choice.

Word of warning: If your soundbar does not pair with any Bluetooth devices, contact the Samsung support center by visiting their website. You can request additional help from a trained professional via email, telephone contact, or a personal visit (with the Covid-19 outbreak, the personal visit might not be an option). 


We discussed how you can reset your soundbar. Different models might have different settings and specific methods involved but the basics were highlighted. Resetting your Samsung soundbar to its factory settings has never been easier. We hope to have sorted out an issue that you had. Your soundbar can connect to any wireless device with the quickest of steps. Once you encounter any problem, you now know how to reset the soundbar.

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