Where Should I Place My Soundbar?

Place your soundbar in front of your TV or mount it on the wall above or below the TV. Ensure that the soundbar is level and aligned with the TV screen.
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Soundbars are excellent devices that you can install to improve your overall TV viewing experience. Instead of solely depending on your television's built-in speaker system, an external speaker or a soundbar allows you to enjoy high-quality sounds and make the most of your home theater or TV set-up.

Whether watching movies, streaming TV shows, or playing video games, soundbars can help you improve sound quality. However, proper placement is vital for optimum results.

Where Should I Place My Soundbar?

While soundbar is an excellent source to enhance your music experience, the question about their optimal placement still stands. Most experts recommend placing a soundbar close to your TV for maximum output and convenient access. But if you're still looking for soundbar placement ideas, we've got your back. 

Check out different ways to place your soundbar.

Mount Your TV Soundbar On The Wall

One of the best places to put your soundbar near your TV is on the wall, ensuring that it doesn't block or touch the flat-screen TV. Since most soundbars are mountable, you won't face any difficulty in installation. Further, the mounting system allows the sound to reach you directly. Thus, you can enjoy the music much better without obstacles from distorting sounds. 

It is an ideal method, especially if you've got upward-firing speakers. Just like its name suggests, in these devices, sound waves are emitted towards the top and can bounce back the ceiling to create a 3D experience much like a traditional movie theater would. 

Place Your TV Soundbar On A Stand

Your TV stand is also a great place to install your soundbar. Nearly all TV stands are equipped with a particular spot for soundbars, especially in home theaters, making it incredibly easy for you to set up the soundbars. Like the previous set-up, such a placement situation eliminates any obstructions from the sound waves' path for a much clearer and more immersive sound experience. 

Install Your TV Soundbar In A Cabinet

You can always opt to place your soundbar in a cabinet if you want to create a separate home theater system. However, make sure that your soundbar isn't touching the corner of the cabinet, and try to place it as close to the front as possible. It will ensure that the sound emitted isn't muffled while also retaining the audio quality and clarity. This soundbar set-up is also great if your soundbar won't fit under your TV. 

Some Other Soundbar Placement Options

Mounting Your Soundbar Above The TV

If your entertainment center is low-lying or if you've got a higher viewing set-up, it is better to place your soundbar above the TV. It will direct the sound toward you while ensuring that it's within your ear level. This technique provides an optimal viewing experience with a fantastic listening position.

Placing Your Soundbar Below The TV

If you're someone who enjoys watching TV while lying on the floor or sprawled out on your bean bags, this one is for you. With the TV mounted higher on the wall, you can place your soundbar right below the TV screen, closer to you and your ears. This mounting system improves the acoustics and for a pleasant home theater set-up. 

However, it is essential to note that this set-up may not be the best for upward-firing speakers since it would hinder sounds.

Putting Your Soundbar Behind The TV

Undoubtedly, having additional devices such as soundbars or rear speakers can amp up your audio experience. But it also impairs your visual experience with unsightly wires disrupting your TV time. In these cases, you can opt to place your soundbar behind the TV for a cleaner and more sophisticated look. 

But such a placement isn't considered ideal since the TV screen itself would be hindering sound waves resulting in poorer audio quality and highly distorted sounds. So this option is perfect for aesthetic reasons.

Where To Place A Soundbar With Subwoofer?

Are you looking to invest in additional audio devices like rear speakers with a built-in subwoofer for your sound system? It is advisable to consider correct placement options for all the machines beforehand. Once you've got your entire audio set-up mapped out, it would be easier to choose the right type of device for a better surround sound experience. 

Since subwoofers improve bass and enhance low-pitched audio, you must consider where to place your soundbar to make the most of your devices. 

One of the best spots to place your soundbar and external subwoofer is right above your TV. Ideally, try to install them towards the front of the system, directed towards the viewing station for maximum effect. 

Mounting your soundbar directly above the TV screen with the wireless subwoofer on the side will ensure that the sound is clear, loud, and sharp. It can also create a highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing system with no pesky tires. Ultimately, this improved viewing experience will allow you to have the best time. 

Once you've installed surround sound systems, it is recommended that you try out your soundbar and subwoofer simultaneously. You can adjust the bass levels and the volume output to what you deem fit and set it to default. 

What's The Best Place To Put My Soundbar?

Ultimately, the best spot to place your sound devices and soundbar depends on the layout of your dedicated home theater room. Whether you've got a TV stand or a wall-mounted TV, you can place your soundbar in different locations for an optimal viewing experience. 

You must realize that the positioning of a soundbar plays a significant role in overall sound quality. If you've placed your soundbar inside a cabinet or on the floor, the chances are that some obstacles are obstructing the path of the sound waves. It can result in muffled sounds, distorted audio, and poor sound effects. 

Thus, always place your soundbar in a good listening position to optimize the overall experience. You can mount it in front or on top of the TV. It will allow you to make maximum use of all the features and enjoy the best quality sound. 

Besides, it is essential that the placement option you choose has several connectivity options and is well-accessible to the AC power output. If not, you'll probably have to use extension cords for the connection, resulting in many loose wires laying around and creating a mess. 


Is it ok to put a soundbar behind the TV?

Yes, it is ok to mount your soundbar behind the TV. However, this is not considered an optimal location since the TV can block the sounds resulting in poor audio quality. 

Can I place my soundbar behind the couch?

Yes, you can place your soundbar behind the couch. Yet again, such a system comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, the sofa could act as a blockage, hindering sound waves and distorting sounds. It is not an ideal set-up position since it is advisable to register immersive sound from the front and the video for the best experience.

What about placing a soundbar on the floor?

You can keep a soundbar on the floor. But your audio experience probably won't be as good since the system doesn't keep the speakers at ear level. Besides, if you've got carpeted flooring, it can absorb a large portion of the sound resulting in diminished audio. Above all, this good theater set-up can result in potentially hazardous wire clutter, creating an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones. 

How can I make the most of my soundbar?

You can make your soundbar investment worth it by ensuring that your soundbar's placement is optimal. By preventing any blockages and creating an open system, you'll be able to enjoy all the features that your soundbar has to offer. 


There are no stringent rules about installing a soundbar. But with this article, we've highlighted a few of the most optimal spots to place your new sound system. These ideas will allow you to pick the correct position to enjoy the ultimate theater experience. So, navigate through your living space to find the sweet spot that meets your requirements. 

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