How To Disconnect Someone From A Bluetooth Speaker

To disconnect someone from a Bluetooth speaker, disable Bluetooth or unpair the device. Change your device's visibility or password settings for added security.
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If you're reading this you're probably annoyed with random devices connecting to your Bluetooth Speaker or having to listen to other people's music playlists. Like many other Bluetooth devices, you run the risk of being exposed. But, there is a way to put an end to inconvenience.

We're here to help you disconnect someone from your Bluetooth speakers. For more information, see this section on our site about Bluetooth speakers.

Having an unwanted someone connect to your Bluetooth speaker can be disrupting and anxiety-inducing.

How To Disconnect Someone From A Bluetooth Speaker

Let's discover all the ways that you can disconnect someone from your Bluetooth speaker.

Disconnect Previously Paired Devices

One of the most obvious ways to kick someone off your Bluetooth speakers is to delete previously paired  devices. Here's how to do it.

Unpair Without Access to the Phone 

You may be wondering how you would unpair your Bluetooth speakers without the phone it's been paired with. It's actually quite simple, just reset your speakers. The best part is that most Bluetooth speakers have the same or similar factory settings which allow you to remove paired devices. You can do this by holding down the power button and Bluetooth button in a continuous fashion, for a about three seconds. For other Bluetooth speakers that don't follow the generic process, follow these guidelines. 

1. Check your Speakers

If your speakers are on, it may be that all you need to do to clear paired devices is to switch it off. 

2. Manually Unpair Previously Connected Devices

You might have to disconnect paired devices from speaker manually. 

Change The Code 

Changing the pairing code Bluetooth for your speakers depends on the brand of speakers you have. If you have an advanced Bluetooth speaker, you have access to a security code that can be changed whenever you need to. Unless, someone has the code, no one can connect to your speakers. You can set any 4-digit code as a security measure when you pair with any device. 

Use Additional Re-Authentication 

You can make use of additional re-authentication whenever a friend wants to access your Bluetooth speaker. Simply, use an independent authentication method to keep it secure. It needs additional login information other than code for one to gain access. The benefits of this include, better security, and a simple user experience. 

Turn Off Bluetooth Visibility 

The only way to turn off visibility for Bluetooth speakers is if you switch of the device when you're not using it. 

Install Software Updates 

Technology is continuously improving with newer versions. By updating your software, you ensure that your Bluetooth experience is optimal. Software updates for Bluetooth speakers occur in different ways, depending on your speakers. Some use device drivers for manual upgrades using Windows Device Manager, some are automatically updated through driver scans and update tools and  others have update buttons installed. 

Use a Jack

Using an audio jack helps keep security threats away and it's easy! However, your speakers should have a wired connection. So, before you turn to this method, ensure that your device uses wired connectivity. Also, you may test along with two other devices. For instance, you could use old earphones and cut the audio jack, a microphone splitter is sufficient too. Stick the jack into the speaker and the wireless connection will stop. 

How Do I Kick Someone Off My Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth speakers often have previous connections that can be removed so no-one can connect to it.

Turn Your Speaker Off And Back On

By switching your Bluetooth Speaker off and on you're essentially resetting the device. By going off and on, you move the speaker away from connected devices, leaving space for new devices to connect. 

Force Pairing Mode or Reset Your Bluetooth Speaker 

Force Pairing Mode 

Turn off the speaker. Go to the Settings on your mobile device and find the speaker. Click on the Bluetooth speaker to connect, then turn the speaker on after you click the connect button. You've erased all previous connections and started fresh. 

Factory Reset 

Press and hold the Bluetooth button and the power button simultaneously for over 3 seconds to reset the factory settings. 

Increase The Distance Between The Speaker And Other Devices

By increasing the distance between the speaker and other devices, you make it impossible for others to connect to your speaker. 

What Can You Do To Prevent Someone To Hack or Hijack Your Bluetooth Speaker?

Hackers and other knowledeable people can connect to your speakers without you even knowing.

General Bluetooth Speaker Vulnerabilities 


Bluesnarfing is stealing information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection. You can prevent any attacks on your Bluetooth speaker by switching off it off. This can also save you battery power. Also, don't connect with random devices. 


Eavesdropping confuse you into pairing with their devices by misspelling the name of device that you've previously paired with. The only way to ensure security and prevent eavesdropping is to switch off the speaker. This will stop anyone from eavesdropping through your device. 

Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks 

Hackers can crash the speaker and deny you access. You can prevent unauthorized access to your Bluetooth Speaker by implementing a few things. Switch the speaker off to make it undiscoverable, use an audio jack, pair in private settings, and keep up with software updates. 

Viruses and Worms 

Bluetooth speakers are vulnerable to malware which leaves you open to hackers. You can stop this threat by keeping your speaker out of range. 

Tips For Making Your Bluetooth Speaker More Secure

Here are a few tips for making your Bluetooth speaker more secure and safe from outside parties.

Purchase a Higher-End Bluetooth Speaker with a Panel

By investing in a high-end speaker you increase your security measures. Some allow you to use USB and AUX inputs. They also make it easier for you to do software updates because of how technologically advanced they are. Furthermore, if the speaker has a display option, you can stop other devices from pairing with it. There's option that makes the Bluetooth invisible. 

Create a Unique Password for Your Speaker 

Change your pass code for your speaker that no one would be able to know or guess. 

Change the Name of the Device Using an Associated Device 

Open the associated device Settings and click Bluetooth. Select the information button next to the device that you wish to rename. Click on 'Name' to edit the name. Then hit the done button. 

Use an Audio Cable Instead of Bluetooth 

Some Bluetooth speakers can also be wired. There is a line for connecting an audio cable. This allows you to use an audio cable whenever you want to. 

Keep Your Speaker Powered Off When Not In Use 

If your speaker is running, it's best to switch it off as you may expose it to unknown devices, vulnerabilities and hackers if you leave it on. 

Buy Speakers With Advanced Security Features 

If your Bluetooth speaker is equipped with advanced security features, it makes it easier to restrict unwanted Bluetooth pairing, decreasing the chances of accidental pairing and deliberate hacking. 


Can You Jam A Bluetooth Speaker? 

Yes, it's possible. You can use Bluetooth at 79 frequencies. Each has their own signal that prevents interferences with other devices. Also, Bluetooth signal uses a technique called spread-spectrum frequency that changes the channel. This leaves the Bluetooth speaker vulnerable to loopholes. 

What Can Interfere With A Bluetooth Signal?

Wireless speakers, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors and microwaves can interrupt signals. 

Why Remove Someone From Your Bluetooth Speaker?

It could be anything from playing music too loud, wanting privacy or just being cautious. 

How To Delete A Device From My Bluetooth Speaker That I Can't Remove? 

Switching the speaker off and on removes paired devices. 

How To Unpair Bluetooth Speaker Without Phone? 

Reset your speaker by switching it off then on. Hold the power and Bluetooth button down simultaneously for a few seconds. 

How Do I Disconnect A Bluetooth Speaker From Another Device? 

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
  3. Click on the device you want to Disconnect.
  4. Select Remove Device.

Conclusion: Disconnecting Someone From Your Bluetooth Speaker

In this article, we learnt all about what's required to kick or disconnect someone from your Bluetooth speaker.

This could be due to previous connectings, vulnerabilities  in the speaker or simply intereference from other devices or users. By now, you've discovered how this person was able to connect to your speaker and how to remove them so that you can listen to it in peace without disruption.

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