How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Increase your Bluetooth speaker's volume by adjusting the EQ settings, adding an amplifier, or using an app or equalizer.
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A Bluetooth speaker is popularly known for blasting high-quality music without any interference. Many people prefer acquiring due to the added advantages that come with it. However, you need to understand that some Bluetooth speakers do not boast the same power compared to other speakers available on the internet. 

But let the truth be told! You might realize that your Bluetooth speaker is not as loud as you want it to be. This does not mean that you cannot make your Bluetooth speaker louder. The only thing you need to do is to figure out the best way possible how you can make the preferred adjustments to elevate the volume. 

Besides, keep in mind that these types of speakers mainly rely on the power of a battery to perform accordingly. This is the exact point where many people fail to understand the way forward. Are you in search of a methodology for making your Bluetooth speaker louder? This article has your back covered. Read on for more information!

Turning up the volume on your Bluetooth speaker can greatly improve your listening experience.

Tips For Making Your Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Check Out Your Room Area

Do you know that the Bluetooth speaker produces loud sound depending on the size of the room? If you plan to use your Bluetooth speaker in an expansive space, you should not be worried about the volume level since the sound waves will spread too far and can be heard clearly. If you want to play loud music, begin by check-in on the size of the room.

Once you check on the size of the room, you will be in a better position to identify the perfect position to place the speaker and the maximum volume to use.  On the flip side, open spaces only support the sound from moving further away. You also need to check on your equalizer settings to balance the sound waves.

Studying your room area gives you the freedom to play around with the device settings and choose the best volume limiter to deal with. Do not concentrate on your room area and forget about the audio settings since they have a significant impact when you want to play loud music.

Place it On the Floor

Have you ever tried this before? If not, then this is something you need to give a trial for your external speakers. Indeed, this is not the most common position for placing your pair of speakers, but you can emulate it for quality sound output. Besides, this is the easier and simplest position to place your quality speakers to get adequate sound. 

Even though this might sound funny at some point, it has some scientific reasons behind it. It has been proved that when you place a wireless speaker on the ground, vibrations make it easier to move naturally. This means that you will experience more of a bass sound. To get hi-quality sound, place your pair of speakers on the floor at the center of the roo. 

Evaluate What Causes Low Volume

Sometimes, you may realize that there are no-speaker problems affecting the quality of the sound output. It may be the type of music not suitable to be played on the Bluetooth speaker, thus damaging volume levels and ruining the entire sound. Also, the device itself may be having issues that need to be solved. 

It is also good to keep checking on your custom volume limit to ensure that everything is in an excellent working condition for the well-being of the sound output. Check on the device function to weigh the condition of your machine before identifying the problem with your portable Bluetooth speakers.  Proper analysis of all these aspects will give you a concise picture of what is affecting your audio quality.

Place the Speaker Against the Wall or Close to the Corner of a Room

The walls of your room can also act as your equalizer settings and elevate the speaker sound. Besides, this is the most appropriate way to supplement the volume of your portable Bluetooth speakers. Note that this is the best option if you are not into purchasing sound booster plugins. It gives you the freedom to enjoy louder music at the comfort of your home. 

However, the sound depends on the distance between the walls and the pair of speakers, and the type of walls. To get a better listening experience, you need to be mindful of the kind of furniture in your room. Remember that the Bluetooth speaker is made using wireless technology, which can be affected by obstacles available in the room.

The ideal option is to utilize an empty room to give the sound waves enough freedom to circulate. When you place the speakers in a corner, you boost the ability of the media player. You might wonder how to make  Bluetooth speakers louder iPhone, right?  The only solution is to master the sound feature and the difference in power.

Acquire Two Speakers

If you have one speaker and it's not giving you the audios volume you need, you may need to acquire another speaker. This works well, especially if you have a huge crowd or a bigger room. The second speaker offers a boost in volume, generating clearer sound. If you need the extra volume once in a while, you might opt for borrowing but purchasing yours is the best solution.

Besides, ensure that the speaker you acquire reciprocates the built-in sound configurations to alleviate the listening experience. Also, it should be capable of sustaining a louder volume depending on the EQ settings. 

Double Check the Audio Settings 

If you want to increase the volume of your Bluetooth speaker and it is not yet at the maximum,  you need to keep your eyes on several things to avoid damaging the device. Check out all your sound settings and ensure that they are all correct. At this point, you can head directly to the speaker volume and turn it to the maximum. 

Use an Amplifier

If you have hands in the technical field and understand how to play around with electronics, you can acquire a small audio amplifier to upgrade your music sound. You can then integrate the amplifier into your sound booster plugins and get a better listening experience. It is a matter of identifying how t[the device works to execute it flawlessly. 

Battery Power

The Bluetooth speakers utilize Bluetooth technology, which relies on the battery's power.  The capacity of your battery is likely to affect the volume of your speakers. It is essential to check on your battery power and its ability to supplement the strength of your device.


Why is my Bluetooth speaker not loud?

The most common reason your Bluetooth speaker may not be loud is that it may have been set at low volume unknowingly. The immediate step is to check on the volume button and ensure that it is not low.  Remember that the Bluetooth speaker is set at a low volume default, which can be changed if this is not the case. You can check on other hardware configurations to find a solution.

How do you fix low-volume Bluetooth speakers?

This is pretty easy! All you have to do is increase the volume of all the devices. Confirm and ensure that the source device is playing music. Move the wireless speakers away from any metal object or other object that may cause interference. In addition, disconnect any device connected to the audio port of the wireless device.

How to make a Bluetooth speaker louder when you're outside?

There are multiple ways to make your Bluetooth speaker louder outside. you can do the following:

  • Get an extra speaker
  • Analyze issues that may cause a low volume
  • Evaluate the size of your room

How to make a Bluetooth speaker louder on an iPhone?

Select music on the settings tab, click on the volume, and set your desired volume. Note that you only use the volume up button to increase your volume.

How to make Bluetooth speakers louder on Android?

Go directly to settings and explore the volume button; you can increase the speakers' volume to the maximum depending on your preference.

Conclusion: Making your Bluetooth speakers louder

By now, you've discoverd how to make your Bluetooth speakers louder, and are happily listening away with some heightened volume.

We hope that you've discovered a lot from this article, and have learnt a lot about what it takes to make your speakers louder in various ways - regardless of what the brand is.

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