LG Subwoofer Pairing: How to Connect with the Soundbar?

Pairing an LG subwoofer is an effortless task. First, ensure the subwoofer is plugged in and powered on. Next, press the pairing button on the back of the sub. Finally, press and hold the pairing button on your LG soundbar until the LED light starts flashing.
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Getting a soundbar is a great option for some high sound quality. Soundbars come with speakers that help with great audio. 

But adding a subwoofer also enhances the audio quality further. It ensures that any low-pitched frequency or sub-bass gets reproduced. 

LG subwoofer pairing is simple processing in which you need a connection with multiple devices with the power cable. The LG wireless active subwoofer connection process is simple. But if you are facing issues, this article will surely help you. 

LG sounbar connected to LG subwoofer

Pairing The LG Soundbar With A Subwoofer For The First Time

There is no need to worry for people who have got a new sub for their soundbar. The process of wireless subwoofer connection is simple and takes seconds. Once the TV, subwoofer, and soundbar are ready, it is time to connect all of them together. 

Connecting the soundbar's and sub's power cord to the power outlet. Next, switch on the main unit and then switch on the sub. You will see a flashing green light on the sub. When you turn them on, the sub and soundbar will connect automatically. 

The Bluetooth of the sub gets switched on immediately after you plug in the power cord. And when it gets successfully connected, the LED light stops blinking and continues glowing. 

But there are cases when the LG subwoofer not pairing or LG subwoofer not working no light; then you will have to connect it manually. If the LG subwoofer blinking green doesn't stop, it is clear that the process is not working. 

Connecting the Subwoofer & the Soundbar Manually

Connecting the sub and soundbar manually requires some additional steps. 

  • Change the volume to the minimum.
  • Press the mute or stop button for at least 3 seconds. 
  • It will start showing as WL RESET on the screen; if there is no screen, it will blink red light continuously.
  • Check the subwoofer's back and press the pairing button for at least 5 seconds. The LED light will start blinking green and red alternatively. 

Troubleshooting Soundbar Pairing Issues

It is possible that even after having an LG soundbar with subwoofer manual, you continue having a problem with the connection. Below are some steps that you can take for troubleshooting. 

  • There have to be no obstacles between the sub and the soundbar.
  • Ensure no other devices, like an oven or medical device with the exact frequency, are switched on. 
  • Remove the power cord for both the wireless subwoofer and the soundbar. 
  • Switch on both devices again as soon as the LED indicator light stops blinking. 

10 Cases Where Soundbar Not Pairing & How To Fix Them

Even if your main unit is not getting linked with the other devices, there is nothing to worry about. Below are some actions that can help you in fixing the issue. 

1- When automatic pairing is not working

When you cannot pair the devices with the automatic pairing method, you must use the manual process.

The manual method is also easy to use, and as highlighted above, you only have to lower the volume, press the mute button, and then use the Bluetooth button behind the sound woofer to pair. It will work for LG wireless subwoofer only.

2- Signal Interference

When there are multiple wireless equipments around the same frequency, in these cases, there will be signal distortion, and thus the connection will not be strong. 

Some common devices that can cause distortions are:

  • Baby monitors.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Other speakers.
  • Medical equipment.

You will have to switch off all the other devices.

3- Volume Issue

When the soundbar's volume is high, it can result in issues in connecting with the sub. When connecting both devices, ensure the soundbar's volume is turned down. 

4- Obstacle Between Sub And Soundbar

Ensure that there are no barriers between the sub and the soundbar. If there are barriers, the wavelengths between them will face issues connecting. 

Both devices should be placed close to each other and shouldn't be more than 15ft apart. 

5- Stop & Mute Button

When facing issues with the connection, you can try another way to connect both of them. Disable the sub's volume control and press the stop or mute button for a few seconds. It will make both devices discoverable for connection. 

6- Issue With The Flashing Light

If the LED light stops flashing, you must try repowering both devices to solve the issue. 

7- Pairing Button

When trying to check if your sub is in pairing mode, you can use the pairing button in the sub. Press it for a few seconds to get your sub into pairing mode. 

8- Unplug and Re-plug Everything

If you still face issues, you can try powering off the devices and removing the power cords. Later, try plugging them in again to see if it starts working. 

9- Connect the Devices to the Power

Start by connecting both of the devices to a source of power. Though the sub and the soundbar can work wirelessly, they need a power source. 

10- Rebooting the Sub & the Soundbar

The LG wireless subwoofer without soundbar or with a soundbar can behave weirdly in many cases. But fortunately, it has a simple fix. You can quickly restart all the devices to perform the "power cycling" action. It means you will switch off the equipment for some time and then turn it on again. 


Why Is The Lg Subwoofer Starting To Blink Red?

It indicates that your connection has failed or the sub is currently on standby mode. 

Why Is My Subwoofer Not Connecting With The Soundbar?

There might be different reasons your sub might not connect with the soundbar. It is possible that there is signal interference or there is some barrier between the two. You can try any of the troubleshooting methods highlighted in the article. 

What Does It Mean When The Lg Subwoofer Blinks Green?

When the LG subwoofer blinks green, it is waiting to pair with another device. After pairing, it will turn into a steady light. If you see a green blinking light, your device is in pairing mode and looking for pairable devices. 

How To Know If The Lg Subwoofer Is Functioning Properly?

When your sub shows a steady green light, it reflects that the sub is working properly. When the music starts coming out of the soundbar, you can also get bass from the sub. 

How To Connect Lg Wireless Active Subwoofer To Phone?

Connecting the subwoofer to the phone is the same as connecting the sub to a soundbar. You have to follow the same step for the same. Once you switch on the sub and a green light starts blinking, check for the sub in your phone's list of available devices and then connect. 

Is It Possible To Pair Any Other Sub With The Lg Soundbar?

Most LG soundbars come with an integrated subwoofer. And if they do not have an integrated sub, they come with a bundled sub with an easy connection. 

How To Connect The Sub And The Soundbar Without Using The Remote Control?

Once you attach the power cords to all the components, ensure they are plugged into the socket. After this, check the sub's back for a button called "ID SET." Click on the button and wait for the LED light to blink constantly. 

How To Get Into The Pairing Mode In An Lg Soundbar?

You can use the Bluetooth function button when your soundbar is getting power. After you press it, the indicator will start blinking, highlighting it is ready to pair. 

Why Is My Sub Not Able To Connect With A Samsung Soundbar?

Try to connect the soundbar with the sub manually. Press the IDSET button in the back of the sub until you see a blue light blinking. 

Is It Possible To Pair Any Sub With Any Soundbar?

You cannot add a subwoofer with any wireless soundbar unless you have got them together or they are designed in a way to connect automatically. 

Is It Possible To Connect The Sub With My Amp?

You can connect the sub with your amplifier with the steps below. 

  • Turn the sub and the amp so that their rear faces you.
  • Find the plug saying "LFE, Sub Out, or Out" on the amp.
  • Use the cable for the connection between the sub and the amp.

How Does The Subwoofer Function With The Soundbar?

The connections are easy and quick. After connecting, the sub will automatically start as the soundbar gets powered. Every sub comes with a cord that can also help you with the connection. 

How To Connect A Sub To The Lg Smart Tv? 

You can use the coax cable directly in the converter port to connect the subwoofer. After this, use an HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI port of the sub. 

Is It Possible To Connect Two Subwoofers To A Single Soundbar?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to connect two subs to a single soundbar. 

How To Enable Bluetooth On The Lg Tv? 

Go to the Bluetooth menu. Select the output and power on the Bluetooth device while keeping it in pairing mode.

Can I Connect A Homemade Wireless Subwoofer To A Samsung Soundbar? 

You can control both with the help of any source device, including your laptop. 

How To Connect Two Different Soundbars Together? 

You can connect two different soundbars together by plugging one cable end into the output of one sound bar. And use the other end in the input of the second soundbar. But it is not advisable to do this as soundbars are meant to be self-sustained units. 

Can I Connect The Soundbar To My Tv Without An Hdmi?

If there is no HDMI, you can use optical or RCA cables or establish a wireless connection. 

Can I Connect My Soundbar To A Sky Q Box?

You can use an HDMI arc or an optical cable to establish a connection.

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