What To Do With Old Speakers

Old speakers can be repurposed, refurbished, or recycled. Consider donating them, using them in a secondary system, or disassembling them for parts.
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Have you got your dad's old speakers laying in the garage? Or just some busted old speaker and you’re asking yourself if there are uses for old speakers, how to use old speakers and if there are any ideas for old speakers?

There are a few DIY projects with old speakers that you can look into. If you’re not into getting your hands dirty, we’ve got a few other ideas for you as well.

Repurpose For Sound

If The Speaker Still Works

Your speaker does not need to be thrown away if it works. If there is quality sound coming from it, why not keep it that way and simply just repurpose your speakers?

They are gathering dust in your garage and are a sore sight to see as an audio-head. Here are some suggestions for you to DIY your old speakers.

Turn Speakers Into A Charging Station

Here’s a little DIY weekend project for you to try out. You can repurpose your old speakers and transform them into a charging station. You’re going to need a screwdriver, a box of your choice, a box knife or a pair of scissors, some electrical tape, a coloured marker, and a phone.

Open the speaker box and start to disassemble the speakers from the inside. We’re only going to need the drivers, amplifier, transformer and the circuit with the wires attached to these components. The parts need to be able to fit inside the box that you’re using. You might be asking where the charging station is coming from?

Check out this video for detailed instructions.

Connect the components. Carefully fit the components into the box. Next, insert holes into the container's lid to resemble a grill. You could use a soldering iron, a pair of scissors or a box knife to make the holes. Place the components into the container and tape down any interfering wires and loose components.

There you go! Your hard work paid off and you’re an official hands-on worker. If you’re looking for something else to do, check out these other suggestions down below.

Make An Internet Radio

What was better than listening to the radio on shuffle, no playlist, no music selection, just a wide variety of songs. Use your old, active speakers with a Raspberry Pi to create an internet radio. If you’re skilled in carpentry, you could look into building one of these beauties.

Turn The Speakers Into A Boombox

This is among one of the more ambitious projects on this list. A boombox is a portable speaker. Creativity can take over and allow for excellent craftsmanship with the correct hardware. Looking at the costly materials needed to create the boombox, unless you’re an audio enthusiast, this project might be one for experts. Perhaps it is easier to buy a new set of speakers.

Add A Chromecast To The Speakers

If you’re like me and don’t really want to go through so much trouble for your old speaker, look into adding a Chromecast. A Chromecast makes any speaker wireless. You can simply connect your phone and instantly play music. It’s not Bluetooth but it works the same, you can add a Bluetooth functioned Chromecast if you prefer Bluetooth.

Before making any impulse purchases, make sure that your device is compatible with the Chromecast, you have a TV with an HDMI port and a stable WI-Fi connection. You can plug the Chromecast into your TV and switch it on. Pair your phone or laptop with the Chromecast and you’re set!

Turn The Speaker Into A Bluetooth Speaker

Your old speakers do not have the latest Bluetooth system attached to them and that’s why turning them into Bluetooth speakers is a genius idea! Upgrading and simply just buying Bluetooth speakers are much more convenient, but where’s the fun in it?

All you’re going to need is a Bluetooth receiver and some cables relevant to the receiver. Connect the receiver to the speakers and the receiver will convert a wireless Bluetooth audio signal to an electrical one. This will allow for connectivity of your phone or PC to the speakers.

Repurpose For Something Else, Or Give Away

Let’s say your speakers are not working or you don’t want to salvage the audio sections of your speaker. The next thing to do is probably throw them away?

Nope! Disassemble is the name of this game and if done neatly, it can give you valuable reusable materials. Look at what we recommend doing with your old speakers.

Upcycle: Make A Table Or Shelf Or Earing Holder

Up the value of your speakers by making an earring holder. Disassemble the grill and hang them at a convenient location. Avoid any jagged edges when you’re cutting the grill. With some spray paint, you can blend them well with your interior design.

Or look into making a table. Some elbow grease and a little woodwork never hurt anybody. Creativity is key here, you can hollow out the box, sand it down, polish and varnish it and attach some legs to the corners. Perfect piece of furniture!

Sell It Online (Ebay)

A lot of stuff is being sold on eBay. It seems unlikely but broken or not, your old speakers might be a treasure to some people. A little bit of research on how to put your speakers up for sale and there you go!

A small tip before you put them up for sale, choose the bidding option as you might make more money that way.

Donate Them

A lot of welfare organisations might appreciate the equipment that you’re bringing in. Contact a few organisations through churches or a school to find out if they would be interested in the product. They might have a list of people who are in need of the equipment. Just be sure not to donate broken stuff.

Another good place to donate your old speakers is electronic stores. They can restore any broken parts and revamp your speakers. They might likely sell them but at least the speakers are now off your hands!

Conclusion: Make Use Of Your Old Speakers

Looking back at how we can use old speakers, think before making those rash decisions of simply throwing them out. There are wonderful creations that can happen when repurposing. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let your trash be your treasure!

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