How To Take Apart Speakers With No Screws

Taking apart speakers with no screws involves identifying the hidden locking mechanisms and carefully separating the speaker components.
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Taking apart a speaker with screws is easy. You simply unscrew the screws with a screwdriver or butter knife. Remove the outer casing or wooden box to expose the speaker and fix the broken components. In the case of a speaker without any screws, what do you do now?

This article answers the question, 'how to open a speaker with no screws?'

Speakers without screws are either quite cheap or incredibly high-end, the point is that they’re not meant to be repaired without the help of a specialist.

How To Open Speakers With No Screws

You will need:

  1. Two flat-head screwdrivers (depending on the size of the speaker, small, medium or large).
  2. A sharp, broad blade wood chisel.
  3. A Phillips-head screwdriver.

Plastic Covering

Let’s use these speakers as an example. What you want to do is locate the position of the speaker and the part where the speaker casing and actual casing meet. You don’t want to harm the speaker cone nor any of the wires. The idea is to remove the casing around the speaker.

Here are some steps you could use:

  1. Locate the slots or any gaps at the base of the speaker.
  2. This is the area where you can forcefully insert your flat-head screwdriver.
  3. Insert the screwdriver at the section where there is a gap between the two pieces of material:
  4. This can be a slot, frame or tiny section that has been glued together.
  5. Try not to break the frame because you might damage the speaker.
  6. Apply enough force to dig into the gap and separate the two pieces of material.
  7. Gently separate the two pieces by leveraging the flat-head up and down.
  8. Create separation by adding another flat head and repeating the process on the other side.
  9. Pry off the surroundings of the speaker with the chisel to avoid any damage.
  10. Remove the case and you have access to your speaker.

This is a generic, less harmful way to remove the speaker from your case. The screwdriver is only used if there are additional screws inside the speaker.

For a guide, check out this video for another generic way of opening your speakers.

Wooden Box Casing

The process remains the same, insert your flat-heads, pry the case open with your chisel, twist and turn the flat-heads to create separation and once they are open, you have access to your speakers. Concerning the screws, you can use a butter knife or a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove them.

This video demonstrates a more forceful method of opening your speakers.

After opening your speaker, you can simply put it back together without any fuzz. With a few globs of glue or adhesive, simply place the casing back on and apply pressure to ensure security. With screws involved, screw the screws back in with your screwdriver.

If you wish to replace your wooden cabinet, make sure that you have your spare cabinet ready and don’t hesitate to refer to some of our other how-to-rebuild (re-foam, re-assemble etc.) articles.

Conclusion: Taking Apart Speakers With No Screws

Making sure that you don't damage the speaker is important. The outer casing can always be repaired but the speaker is delicate. You can always enjoy some good music when your speaker is performing at its peak. That includes maintaining and looking after the speaker.

And whether it has screws or not, now you know how to take your speaker apart!

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