What Are Component Speakers

Component speakers are a type of car audio system that uses separate drivers for each frequency range. Learn how they work and how they compare to coaxial speakers.
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There are several speaker choices when choosing a car audio system. If you go looking for a car speaker, one of the choices you will get is a component speaker.

Now, what is a component speaker? A component speaker is a car speaker that offers optimum sound quality compared to the common type of speaker systems. Replacing your car speakers with high-quality speakers will enhance your car sound experience by offering peak power.

Read on below to better understand what component speakers are and how they work?

Parts of Component Speakers

As it is clear from the name, a component speaker involves multiple parts. There are three main parts of a component speaker- a woofer, a pair of tweeters, and an advanced crossover. These components have a specific task to perform, and when combined, it results in superior acoustic quality with peak power.

If you are still not clear as to what are component speakers, then continue reading to understand component speakers in depth.

Image 1: Picture of Marshall component speaker being held up.


Tweeters are the parts of a component speaker responsible for delivering the high frequencies you hear in the audio. Unlike the sub-woofers and mid-woofers, high frequencies produced by the tweeters are directional, and thus it is better to mount these closer to your ear level and close to the woofer so that you don't hear different frequencies at different times.

Midrange and Midbass Drivers

Midrange or midbass drivers are also known as woofers. These are responsible for delivering the low bass frequency response. The woofers are mounted inside the car doors where they can work without any interference from the tweeters.


Subwoofers are responsible for delivering frequencies of low bass. Subwoofers are also mounted inside the car doors, similar to the midrange and midbass drivers. They make an excellent base for higher frequencies.


The crossovers are responsible for determining which frequencies go where. A crossover analyses the information coming from the amplifier and sends the high frequencies to the tweeters and the low frequencies to the subwoofers and woofers.

How Do Component Speakers Work

A component speaker is a set of speakers with multiple components. This leads to the separation of the speaker network's drivers. Also, this results in a simple passive crossover between the speaker's components which ensures that each part of the speaker works well resulting in a peak power supply.

You have to install the parts at different locations in your car. The excellent range of sounds produced by speakers combines to offer a concert-like listening experience.

If you are a music enthusiast, it is better to place the speakers at the back of your car combined with a subwoofer to get the thumping feel.

What You Get From Using Component Speakers

Check out why using component speakers will be worth it.

  • Sound clarity: Since there is a crossover, all the components perform better, thus offering clearer sound.
  • Better Imaging: The tweeters are placed at different locations, which provides you with a better imaging experience better.
  • Enhanced Sound Stage: Components speakers offer an excellent sound stage with peak power experience. You will feel that the speakers are in front of you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Component Speakers

Like everything, there are some advantages and disadvantages of component speakers.


  • The sound produced by a component speaker is of better quality.
  • The sound staging is better, and it will feel like the sound is coming right in front of you.
  • You can adjust the sound imaging according to your choice.


  • Installation of these speakers takes a lot of time. The lack of ease of installation makes it difficult to use.
  • You would need help from a professional to mount the simple crossover.
  • If your car speakers don't have tweeters, you would have to drill a hole in the vehicle's door.

What Are The Best Component Speakers for Bass?

Below are some of the best component speakers for a bass lover that you can consider purchasing.

  1. Alpine R-S65C.2 6.5 Inch Speakers
  2. Focal PS165F Flax 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers
  3. Rockford Fosgate T1650-S Power 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker
  4. Infinity Reference 6530-CX
  5. Cerwin Vega V465C 6.5-Inch 2-way Component Car Speakers
  6. Pioneer TS-A1680F A Series 6.5″ 4-Way Component Car Speakers
  7. JBL Club 6500-C



What's The Difference Between A Component And A Regular Speaker?

The main difference between a component and a regular speaker is the quality of the full-range sound. The component speakers have a much better sound experience when compared to traditional or coaxial models. The latter speakers have a single loudspeaker design experience, while the component speakers have multiple components. Also, coaxial speakers are much easier to install because of the decades of loudspeaker design, while establishing a component speaker is more complicated.

What Does Component Speakers Mean?

A components speaker is a type of car speaker that consists of multiple components, including two tweeters and mid-bass drivers. Component speaker crossovers are done on these components to accurately limit the wide range of frequency produced by each full-range speaker. This tactic helps determine unpleasant elements and any harmful distortion, thus delivering better quality sound.

Are Component Speakers Better?

Component speakers are better than their regular counterparts when it comes to sound standards. They produce cleaner sound and have better sound imaging. However, when it comes to installing the full-range speakers, then they can be a bit of work.

What Are Component Speakers Good For?

Component speakers are a good choice for customizing your car audio system. Since there are multiple components in these high-quality speakers, you can install the sound drivers anywhere you want in your car to get the best sound quality.

Are Component Speakers Worth It?

Component speakers require a lot of work while installed, but the audio quality is unmatchable. With the optimum acoustic quality they offer, component speakers are worth it.

Component Speakers Vs Coaxial

Component speakers deliver noise-free loud sound with a wide frequency range. While the acoustic quality of a coaxial model is also good, it can not compare to the sound rate of a component speaker. However, installing the coaxial car speakers is pretty easy. On the contrary, installing a component speaker requires a lot of work.

Component Vs Non-Component Speakers

The main difference between a component and a non-component speaker is the audio quality. Component speakers have a better sound experience compared to non-component speakers. Component speakers have multiple components, and non-component speakers offer a single loudspeaker design experience.

How To Install Component Speakers

To install a component speaker, instead of doing it yourself, it is better to take the help of a professional. Installing a component speaker involves many steps as there are multiple components like the tweeter, woofer, and the audio crossover to install.

What Are Non-Component Speakers

Non-component speakers are coaxial models. These are a two-way car speaker system that consists of a separate tweeter, woofer, and an audio crossover, all assembled in a single speaker system.

Component Speakers Vs Coaxial

Component speakers are the best quality speakers for cars. These speakers include a woofer, a pair of tweeters, and an audio external crossover that offers better audio quality with no distortion.


Seeking and selecting the perfect speaker types for your car is imperative to get mesmerizing music sound. The above-mentioned points are sure to help you choose the best component speaker for our car and enjoy your ride effectively.

I hope this article help you understand what is a component speaker system.

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