Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping

A beeping Bluetooth speaker may indicate a low battery or pairing issues. Follow troubleshooting steps to solve the problem.
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Bluetooth is a technology that has experienced rapid development from its discovery time. Its application has extended to many devices, including phones, soundbars, and speakers. In the recent past, many reputable speaker brands have adapted the technology and integrated it into their speaker systems, with the first Bluetooth speaker being invented in 1999. This activity resulted in a boost in the Bluetooth speaker sale. The major speaker manufacturers may include Bose, Kove, Insignia, Atomi, Polaroid, and Axess.

And why would you want a Bluetooth speaker? They are convenient and portable. These speakers also have status alert systems that let you know when the speaker is connected to an audio device, disconnected, or if there is a connection problem. But, why does my Bluetooth speaker keep making a beeping noise?

Should I worry when my Bluetooth speaker keeps beeping? And how do I get it to stop? Keep reading for more information on beeping Bluetooth speakers. 

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Why Is My Bluetooth Speaker Beeping?

Why is my Bluetooth speaker making a beeping sound? The possible reasons are given below.

  • Low battery
  • When the speaker connects to an external device
  • For diagnostic test
  • Interference from Other Bluetooth Devices
  • Distance Between the Speaker and Audio Device
  • Software Problems
  • Faulty Bluetooth Speaker Receivers
  • Check the Music App
  • Because Of Loosely Fitting Power Cable
  • Because Of Dust or Debris on Your Charging Cable or Power Port
  • When Using A Faulty Micro-USB Cable

Low Battery

Your Bluetooth speaker could be acting up because of power issues, like the battery being flat.

Most Bluetooth speakers beep to indicate low battery. However, the intensity and tone of the beeping sound vary depending on the speaker's brand. The beeping sound is likely to increase in frequency as the battery drains further. In some cases, the beeping sound can go handy with an LED indicator. 

Be sure to check the battery level by checking the beeping sound and the LED indicator. If this issue is the cause of your beeping Bluetooth speaker, you should charge it to stop the sound. 

And, see this article for more information on how to charge Bluetooth speakers without a charger.

When the Speaker Connects to an External Device

Almost all Bluetooth speakers produce a beeping sound when connecting to a device. The same happens when you disconnect the device, although the beeping sound would be different. 

However, depending on the Bluetooth speaker brand, it may beep or produce a voice command confirming a successful connection between the speaker and the audio device. 

For Diagnostic Test

Most Bluetooth speakers have self-diagnostic test procedures. Therefore, they may beep to alert the Bluetooth status. 

The speaker may produce an up-beep sound when you connect it to an audio device. It may also produce a down-beep sound when you disconnect it from the audio device. These alerts show that the speaker is OK and working as expected. 

Depending on the speaker’s brand, the up-beep and the down-beep sounds may signify other things. Be sure to check the user manual for a better understanding. 

Interference from Other Bluetooth Devices

Your Bluetooth device may beep if other Bluetooth devices interfere with it. The speaker detects other active Bluetooth devices nearby, which may cause interference with the signals. As a result, you may hear a beeping sound. To solve this issue, you may consider turning off Bluetooth on devices nearby. Also, ensure the Bluetooth speaker is within thirty feet of the audio source. It should also be clear of obstacles as they may interfere with the connection.Note, the average Bluetooth  device can reach 10 metres or 30 feet.

Distance Between the Speaker and Audio Device

Your Bluetooth speaker may beep if it is too far from the connected audio device. Increasing the distance of separation between the two devices causes a weakening of the signals, resulting in a beep. Solve this issue by moving the audio device closer to your Bluetooth speaker.

Software Problems

The Bluetooth speaker software or the connected audio device software may fail. If they are both switched on, you’ll hear a beeping sound, which alerts you of the problem.If this issue is the cause of your beeping speaker, then updating the speaker drivers should solve it.  

Faulty Bluetooth Speaker Receivers

Your Bluetooth speaker receivers may get damaged. This issue will cause it to produce a beeping sound. Be sure to check the receiver and mend it if this is the cause for the beeping sound. 

Check the Music App

The music App of the audio device you have connected to your Bluetooth device may stop or fail. This feature will result in the speaker producing a beeping sound; instead of playing the music. You may restart the app or use a different app to solve this problem. The common music apps you can use to play music on your Bluetooth speakers are Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, and Deezer.

Loosely Fitting Power Cable

When you plug in your Bluetooth speaker and hear a beeping sound, the cable is loosely fitted, if not faulty. Check the connection at the port to ascertain that you’ve correctly plugged in the cable; if not, plug it in to fit. However, if the problem persists after fitting the USB cable, the cable might be faulty.

When Using A Faulty Micro-USB Cable

Every Bluetooth speaker has a corresponding USB cable with the correct rating. When you plug in a USB cable with an incorrect rating, the speaker will produce a beeping sound, communicating an error. Wear and tear can also cause a compatible USB cable to get damaged, causing it to prompt an error every time you try connecting it to the speaker.

Whenever you plug in a USB cable to your Bluetooth speaker and produce a beeping sound, try to replace it with a different one. It is advisable to use USB cables from specific brands for compatibility. If a faulty or worn-out USB cable is the cause of your beeping Bluetooth speaker, you may consider replacing it with a new one. 

However, when replacing the USB cable, be sure to get it from the manufacturer's OEM authorized dealer. Besides, you need the replacement cable to have the same power rating as the original one and that its charging port corresponds to the speaker design.

Because Of Dust or Debris on Your Charging Cable or Power Port

Accumulated dust on the Bluetooth speaker power button may clog the port causing interference of currency flow. In such cases, the Bluetooth speaker will produce an up-beep sound followed by a beeping sound. To address this issue, you need to gently wipe the clogged area with a soft cloth to remove the dust and debris

Beeping With Specific Types of Speaker Brand


If your Bose speaker keeps beeping, it could be a sign of a greater issue with the speaker.

Why does my bose speaker keep beeping? A beeping Bose speaker indicates several issues like low battery power, a faulty USB cable, etc. Depending on the cause, you can reset the speaker by long-pressing the mute button for a few seconds. 

You can also charge the battery before using it. Also, make sure you use a plug-in port to connect the speaker to an audio source, not any other. 


Kove speakers are a great brand. If your Kove speakers are giving battery issues, it might be worth investigating.

A Kove Bluetooth speaker beeps and produces a green light to indicate that the batteries are low. To address the issue, you need to charge the battery fully before using it. 


A beeping Insignia Bluetooth speaker indicates many things. However, the most common indication is a muted microphone. The orange LEDs will also light solid. You can address this issue by pressing the speaker for at least twelve seconds. 


A beeping Atomi speaker may indicate several faults. However, the most common reason for its beeping is a lower or higher voltage supply than the recommended level. To address this issue, connect the speaker to a power supply with the recommended voltage.


The most likely cause of a beeping Polaroid speaker is low batteries. When the voltage is low, even when plugged in, this speaker will produce a beeping sound. To address the issue, ensure you charge and maintain the battery at recommended voltages at any time.


The Axess speaker produces an annoying beeping sound when it fails to connect with Bluetooth. You can address the connectivity issue by turning on Bluetooth on both devices and refreshing the pairing list. Also, you can change the volume by adjusting the volume buttons on both devices.


Braven Bluetooth speakers produce a beeping sound when connected to a power source with a lower or higher power voltage than the recommended voltage. Fortunately, it has a reset button that lets you reset the speaker to solve the issue. You only need to press the reset button at the back of the speaker to solve the issue. 


Is It a Problem if Bluetooth speakers Keep Beeping?

No, it is not a problem for a Bluetooth speaker to beep. Beeping speakers means the speaker is communicating something to you. Depending on the brand, it may beep to signify a successful connection, diagnostic test, or plugged in. However, it may beep to warn of a potential problem such as low battery levels or dust/debris on the power button. 

Constant Beep Sound From Speakers

A constant beep sound from a speaker may indicate low batteries. As the voltage drains to the extreme low, your Bluetooth speaker may produce constant beep sounds. Other brands can also have blinking LED lights. 

How Do I Get My Bluetooth Speaker to Stop Beeping

There are several ways you can stop your Bluetooth speaker from beeping. Stop Bluetooth speaker beeping issues in the following ways. 

  • Charge the battery fully before using the speaker.
  • Replace a faulty USB cable with another one.
  • Connect the USB cable correctly to fit the USB port.
  • Wiping off any dust or debris from the USB power port.
  • Switching off other nearby Bluetooth devices that may interfere with your Bluetooth connection.
  • Moving the audio device connected to your speaker closer to it.


Should I always worry when my Bluetooth speaker produces a beeping sound?  No. A beeping Bluetooth sound doesn’t always indicate an error. Depending on your speaker’s manufacturer, the sound may be programmed for diagnostic purposes. However, it’s good to always check your speaker for potential errors when it produces a beeping sound.

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