How To Destroy Speakers From A Distance

By José Carter  |  October 9, 2021
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José Carter
José is a veteran audiophile with an MSc in Engineering, and a passion for sharing his audio knowledge with others.
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Do you have neighbours that are annoying you or somebody in your apartment building who loves to play music every hour of every day? Is that pesky neighbour just working on your last nerve with their obsessive noise at 2 in the morning? There are polite ways to tell them to lower the volume from your speakers but what if it didn’t work the first time?

Now you’re sleep-deprived and can’t function normally. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes a friendly note or call to the landlord can sort out this problem. But what if the problem persists?

Well not to worry, we’re about to list a couple of ways to “destroy” your neighbour’s speaker without them figuring out it was you.


In this article, we discuss different ways to silence the speakers of your neighbours. We do not recommend any destructive or illegal actions nor do we promote the use of violence. Check up on any laws in your state disallowing certain actions that may be discussed in this article. Please note that some of these methods are considered illegal and should be done at their own risk.

“Destroy” from a distance means just that, keep your distance and keep to the law.

How Do Speakers Work?

Speakers work on unintentional electromagnetic interference. Normally, speakers would play “in-phase”, which means that the sound coming out of them are both on the same wavelength. We call this constructive interference. When a frequency consists of two wavelengths on alternating patterns, they are referred to as “destructive interference”. These wavelengths are 180 degrees out of phase.

Music being “In-phase” is what we hear. A combination of alternating wavelengths brings about noise or complete silence. As we looking into destroying speakers, we need to keep in mind that the best option is to go and speak to your neighbours first.

How To Break Speakers Without Leaving A Trace

Active Noise Control

Active noise control is also known as noise cancellation. It uses noise-cancelling speakers to reduce or eliminate background noise. This is software that most headphone manufacturing companies use to cancel out ambient noise. To start your manual noise cancelling process, you will need a microphone, a pre-amplification source for your microphone, a mixing table and a couple of speakers which are connected with inverse polarity.

Wait for your neighbours to play some music. Wait until they are truly enjoying the loud tunes coming from their speakers. This is the right time to set up your noise cancellation device.

With the music on, direct the microphone in their direction to pick up on the noise. The amplification process begins. You’re going to want to set up your amplification in the reverse direction with inverted polarity. The inverted speakers will now add the 180-degree wavelength (as stated above, describing speakers) to offset the in-phase wavelengths. This will cause a disturbance in the sound and eventually reduce or eliminate the sound completely.

Using A CB Radio

This method requires more of a DIY process. You will need a few things:

  • A less expensive CB Radio
  • A linear amplifier
  • An antenna for the CB Radio
  • Tone generator

A CB radio or citizens band radio is a mobile radio system allowing short-distance individual-to-individual voice communications. It operates on 40 channels in the high-frequency band.

A tone generator is an electronic device that artificially creates sound frequencies in the form of an electrical signal and then converts it into sounds. It is also referred to as a signal generator.

The first step is to locate the exact position of your neighbour’s speakers in their house. Place the antenna and amplifier near that location but on the outside of their house. The optimal location will result in the effective destruction of the speakers. You’re all set up and ready for the destruction.

You will need to bring out your tone generator and generate a tone of 10 Hertz. Starting the tone generator will allow the amplifier to amplify the AM signals and an electrical pulse of 10kHertz will be emitted. The 10kHertz will be emitted from your neighbour’s speakers, enough to essentially destroy the speaker altogether.

With this method in mind, let’s look at a more polite manner in which to proceed. Set up your CB system with an old speaker in your garage. Invite your neighbour over and kindly peak his interest in your “invention”. Offer to show it to him in your garage as a “test run”. Go ahead and blow them up in front of your neighbour. This will show your neighbour that you mean business and will not tolerate the loud music that he is playing. You’re not making any threats, you’re simply showing him your “invention” and subtly sending him a message. 


There is an alternative to you actually destroying your neighbour’s speaker. You could drive them to destroy their own with the right amount of annoyance. Go ahead and purchase an Annoy-A-Tron and a magnet. You’re going to want to set the time interval to your liking but also convenient enough for you to make an escape. This method requires you to actually have a hold of your neighbour’s speakers.

This is what you’re going to do: Go to your neighbour’s house and kindly ask them to lower their volume or not to play their music for an excessive amount of time. Always consider all the possibly harmless and friendly solutions before heading to violence.

Select one of the annoying sounds and hide the device in or around the speaker. If your neighbour agrees but no actions are made to stop the noise, go back to their house and locate the speaker. You’re going to want to stick the Annoy-A-Tron on the speaker or inside the speaker with the timer set accordingly. Now sit back and listen to them tear apart their speaker, looking for this annoying sound. This will surely annoy your neighbour to the point of breakdown.

Conclusion: Destroying Speakers From A Distance

We would like to take this opportunity to discourage any violent and unlawful actions. We do not recommend them in any form. The methods described above are not meant to hurt anybody, destroy electrical wiring or damage any property. With that said, have an amazing time reading our next article and stay tuned for exciting content on the way!

José Carter
José is a veteran audiophile with an MSc in Engineering, and a passion for sharing his audio knowledge with others.
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